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What we do

Very simply, we ship our clients’ goods where they want and how they want. We move each shipment in the most efficient manner possible at the most competitive price we can provide. We know the market. We speak with all the lines and main service providers every day. Whether you move containers, groupage, airfreight or road freight, we know the fastest option, the cheapest option, and the best value for money option. Every client has different priorities and no two shipments are the same. We use our experience to marry clients’ needs to what's available in the marketplace. Sometimes the fastest possible transit is necessary, other times it's the cheapest, maybe it's a specific routing or accurate traceability that the client prefers. 

"We're big on the small details and take pride in our 'Personal Touch' approach on every shipment we handle."

We try to anticipate possible delays or problems before they materialise and take action to minimise any negative impact on each shipment. We update our clients on each shipment's progress, from shipment confirmation [from Irish or European load ports for example] as standard, and can also confirm when final delivery is expected or achieved at destination. We complete export customs clearances for all clients, free of charge. Customs documents that need stamping by Irish customs can be arranged as well of course. Haulage can be arranged to and from anywhere in Ireland through a select group of first-rate hauliers we know and trust for many years. We are very familiar with all Bill of Lading requirements and letters of credit, as well as all international trade terms.

We're big on the small details and take pride in our "Personal Touch" approach on every shipment we handle.

In short, we arrange our clients’ shipments from start to finish with minimum fuss and maximum detail.

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