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Why we're different

We know that transport matters

      ...It's in our name! 

In a crowded marketplace full of tough competition, we have a duty to ourselves to be different, not simply just more of the same.

We like to think we’re not the same as the next freight company.

Yes it’s our business and we are here to turn a profit. That is true of course. But there’s more.

This is a passion for us. It’s more than just our job. It’s what we do. We are an owner-managed company. We all have families and after them, our business comes first. We take enormous satisfaction in our customers appreciating their cargo being moved with care.

Each shipment we receive is handled as if it was our very own. Going the extra mile every time is what we do. Arriving at a solution and a corresponding price that works for the client is our first objective. Shipping relies heavily on lots of direct and indirect links in a chain, keeping on top of the small just as much as the big . We take care of all the details no matter what the size.

Each job needs doing well and every single booking is the yardstick for the next. We don’t concern ourselves too much about what other freight companies are doing; we are too busy looking after our clients. We don’t look at the clock before we make or take calls or send emails.

We are not the biggest freight forwarder. Nor are we the cheapest [we rarely are]. We are usually not the most expensive either in fact!

What we are is fully committed, always available and pleased to go the proverbial extra mile each and every time for our clients. We take necessary steps, from hard-learned experience, to avoid potential problems for our clients. We like email but much prefer talking on the phone. Clients are updated as soon as anything ships. Every step of every shipment is double-checked in advance. Any unavoidable bad news is shared immediately, factually and honestly. Then we make the next best option happen and move on.

We care and our clients like that we care.

If you would like to speak to people who are as interested in your cargo as you are, please talk to us.

Because we know that Transport Matters. It’s in our name.

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